3 options for your West Vancouver property management?

  • 8 years ago
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So you have decided to seek some expert West Vancouver property management advice on what to do with your Northshore rental house. You are 99% sure that a long term tenant is what you are after so an unfurnished West Vancouver rental home tenant seems to be the ideal candidate. BUT. You DO have a bunch of extra furniture that you will either be selling or storing so maybe you should consider that your West Vancouver house for rent should be furnished? OR a friend of yours recently rented out her furnished West Vancouver rental house for a very short term but big profits? Now you have NO IDEA what to do.

First, stick with your initial instinct to call your local West Vancouver property manager and ask for their advice. Secondly, why not do all three! If the Northshore or Vancouver property management company is savvy with their marketing strategies then they should be able to create marketing templates that will allow you to explore all three options. Unfurnished will allow for the most potential candidates, for the longest possible tenure. Longer term furnished will offer higher rents, shorter terms and more risk of wear and tear on the furniture. Short term furnished tenants expect to pay high rents but you can expect more vacancies. If you are working with a respected property management company they should be able to advertise all three options, see what responses come in and then present you with the results.

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