5 Important Questions You Will Be Asked In A Job Interview

  • 8 years ago

When you are looking for a job, the first thing you do is send in your resume and hopefully you will get a response back to set up an interview. Often, you will feel mixed emotions of happiness and but you can also have a severe case of nerves at the same time. It is important to stay calm and appear comfortable and confident in the interviewing process.

5 important questions that are always asked during interviews:

Tell me something about yourself

It is the usual opening question in all job interviews. It is just simple. Elaborate but stay straight to the point, stating briefly your personal details, previous work experiences and what you have learned in the with your past experiences. Explain the qualities and traits you have developed that will fit the position you are applying for and show that you are the most qualified person applying for the job.

What are your greatest weaknesses and strengths?

This question can be very tricky to answer as it can be a difficult subject to answer and still show you in a positive light. It may reflect your negative attitude or characteristics. However, if you defend your answer right, despite showing a weakness, it will turn out positively and could end up being your strength. Keep in mind the interviewer is not looking at what you answer to this question but how you answer it.

Why did you leave your job?

It’s an easy question. Either you left your job because there was a recession in your previous company and they needed to eliminate employees and trim down payroll costs and you, unfortunately happen to be one of them. Or, you leave the job for positive reasons like seeing yourself engage in a bigger opportunity that offers career growth and you resign and leave the company on excellent terms.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This is actually a good question! It is not always about being promoted into a higher position if you are asked this question. Sometimes, they are looking to see if you are setting goals for your career which also benefits the company. The interviewer wants to make certain your visions and values are the same as the company’s visions and values. They also want to make sure their investment in hiring and training you, spending time and money is all worthwhile.

Why should we hire you?

It is another simple and common question. It is a great opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight by highlighting your unique qualities and talents that make you shine above other competing candidates.  Do your research about the companies’ visions and missions and make sure your qualities are a perfect fit for the position that the company is looking for.

Job interview questions are common and easy to answer. If you want to be hired and get the position, always show honesty. Here at Orca Realty, we take time when hiring new employees to make sure the right person is in the right position for them and the company.
Prepare yourself and do research about the company, make a draft on the answers for possible questions and be confident all times.

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5 Important Questions You Will Be Asked In A Job Interview

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