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Smiling makes you feel light and positive.
According to Science, it releases endorphin’s from your brain that strengthens our immune system, which makes us feel happy and less stressful which reduces the release of the stress hormone cortical . In layman’s terms, it only means that a smile will make a person positive in all aspects of their lives.
Here is my list for 5 reasons you should smile:
1. Smiling has a lot of health benefits. According to researchers and scientists, smiling and laughing are the best medicine. It improves everyone’s mood; it has a big positive effect on someone’s outlook in life. We feel less stress, less worry and reduced anxiety and that will have a great effect in our well being.

2. Smiling makes us attractive. If we smile, people will have an impression that we are friendly and welcoming. People will definitely interact with you because of that good feeling they can see in you.

3. Smiling makes you feel young. This is a natural way to make us look younger physically, free from face lifts. I always hear from people who tell their friends or families’ especially those who are down, that no matter what situation they are in right now, don’t forget to wear a smile. A smile makes our problems easier so that we can face it squarely.

4. A smile is contagious.  If we start the day smiling, it is actually transmittable to people especially those who we bumped in on the road, in the office or wherever we are. People who see us smile will also smile back and that promotes a good working relationship. It improves the mood in your working area or at home that helps us for better communication and increase productivity in your workplace.

5. Long life. According to studies, people who always smile will have longer life since the stress hormones are reduced, therefore if you are free from anger, anxiety and stress, it has an optimistic result in your well being and also benefits your health and make you live longer.
A smile means a lot. It is beneficial to people who suffers pain, health issues and emotions. It brings happiness to everyone and encourages people around you. Relax, sit back and always smile.

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