• 5 years ago

Are tattoo’s still cool?

Downtown renters seem to have many more noticeable tattoo’s than the renters in outside areas. Is this because there are more tattoo studios available downtown or is it the quality of the tattoo artists?

Or is it even true?

I decided to do a search to figure out for myself. In the downtown core there are over 12 advertised tattoo studios compared to 9 advertised studios in Maple Ridge but there are far less people living in Maple Ridge than Vancouver so there you go. Then I decided to walk around downtown Haney in Maple Ridge as compared to downtown Vancouver and wow what a difference.

Based on the 2011 census, the population of Maple Ridge was 76,052 and the population of metro Vancouver was 2,313,328 yet I noticed there were far more tattoo’s walking around in Maple Ridge than Vancouver. Bad ass tattoo’s, full body tattoo’s, arm sleeves, coloured tattoo’s, movie star’s spread across the entire body. Vancouver home owners can be wary of tenants who come to view their homes covered in tattoo’s but the days of labeling people by their outside artwork are over thank goodness.

The nicest people I have met have their entire life stories inked on their bodies. Some of the stories can be heartbreaking and some simply a map of their ancestry that they wear proudly.

Vancouver Property Managers also bear those interesting and individual pieces of artwork that reflect their own private lives.

For me, I bear my grandfather’s Scottish heritage and have plans to proudly expand my ink to include our family crest as well.
So, the next time you pass a tattoo, take a real good look at it, believe me there is a story there.

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