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Who to call when your plumbing becomes a major problem?
Plumbing issues, often are the most common repair issues among households. However, due to the expensive cost of hiring a professional plumber, home owners usually try to repair the issues themselves or have a general handyman come by to look at the problem. This can be a costly mistake in many ways. Most of the plumbing repairs you will encounter as a home owner will need the expertise of a skilled professional plumber.

Clogged drains in our sinks and bath tubs can be fairly small repair issues to deal with. Everyone has the tools to deal with these minor problems but when it comes to major plumbing jobs call the experts. Installing pipes, sealing and repairing leaking faucets etc… these are major repairs and need a skilled professional to deal with problem.
Why call a professional plumber?
Ask any home owner who has tried to take on the plumbing job themselves. Sometimes you are working in a small cramped space for hours on end. Often the problem can take a mathematical approach to fix and specialized tools with a specific skill to use the tools.

Here at Orca Realty we have several qualified and certified plumbers on staff to help us with our many plumbing problems.

You can come across septic tank issues or you may have to deal with natural gas problems that can lead to severe injuries if you do not know what you are doing.

Play it smart and hire the professionals to take care of your home and keep it safe for you and your family!



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