Ambleside homes for rent – charming? fact or fiction?

  • 8 years ago
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Is it fact or fiction that most of the Ambleside homes for rent are located in an area that possesses a certain charm? If you are a renter or home owner in Ambleside, West Vancouver I would bet all of my Christmas Starbucks gift cards you would vote fact. So, I decided to discover for myself which was true. West Vancouver definitely oozes charm. Slipping on my trusty walking boots I headed to the hustle and bustle in the outdoor arena of the Village shopping square where charm was in the air. The strong sense of community is on every street corner and I’m pretty sure I walked almost every one of them. There is nothing quite like walking in the rain eating a slice of chunky monkey banana bread pudding from the Trafiq Bakery while strolling along Marine Drive. Blocks away from several of our Ambleside rental houses and dotting both sides of the busy drive are quaint yet sophisticated independent shops that are sorely dwindling away in overcrowded urban areas. The Fresh St. Market has added an element of delight and excitement for all us foodies. The imported speciality food section alone is worth the trip. Your local West Vancouver property manager can list 100 easy reasons why they would live in this beautiful and yes charming oasis in a heartbeat.

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