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Summer has ended and Autumn has just started a few days ago. Many people at this time of the year, rely on their fireplaces to keep them  warm, when the colder weather starts arriving.

However, before using your fireplace, always make sure that it has been professionally serviced. Your fireplace should be professionally checked and serviced regularly before the cold winds of Winter hit.

You should schedule an annual inspection of both the fireplace and the chimney every Spring to keep it in good working order.

   Often owners neglect servicing their fireplaces annually, but this is very important for them to do.
It is a maintenance issue but also a safety precaution, so it is strongly recommended to carry out this procedure.
As Property Managers, we deal with this issue all time. We encourage home owners to service their fireplaces on a regular basis. If you have a wood fireplace you must remove all dust, debris and ashes accumulated in your fireplace and have the chimney cleaned as well.

It is always recommended to use a professional in this area.

                                                              Prevention is the best method to deal with your fireplace.

How often you use your fireplace can determine how often it should be serviced. The more you use it, the more build up in the chimney, so the more often it should be serviced and maintained.
Practicing safety measures will help avoid serious safety issues and other hazards that could damage your home.
The skilled professionals will check your fireplace for any cracks, structural damage and gas leaks that may not be noticeable to you. It is advisable to call these experts, especially if you don’t have the knowledge on how to clean and inspect your fireplace.
This will be money well spent from your pocket to assure the safety of your family when using the fireplace.
Professionals will also give you tips on how to keep your fireplace clean and maintained.

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