Ask About Parking & Storage With Your Condo!

  • 9 years ago

If you are looking to rent a condo or apartment near or around the downtown Vancouver rental area it is important to keep the following 2 things in your mind while you are looking and to make sure you visibly see the parking and storage areas offered with the condo.

If you have a roommate with a car, make sure the condo offers 2 parking spots with the lease. If they do not, check with the building Manager or Property Manager to see if renting a second spot is an option. There are lots of downtown renters who do not own a car so they may be open to renting their spot with you. You will usually find this information on the community board of the building or by asking the building Manager. Check the area within the 2 block radius of your building to see what curb side parking is available and how long you are legally allowed to park in the spot. The last thing you want, is to end up with a glove compartment full of outstanding parking tickets that multiply faster than rabbits in fines. You may need to consider selling one of the cars and start taking public transit. The good news is, that generally speaking, downtown transit is affordable and runs efficiently.

Always check out the storage offered in the suite itself and many times you will have access to an outside, secure storage unit. Particularly if you are downsizing from a large property to a much smaller space, you will need that extra storage area. Small, compact condos and apartments are being common in any downtown area which makes storage units even more vital. Where will you put your extra boxes or your bikes or your fake Christmas tree and ornaments? There are a couple options that may help, utilize every hidden space in your unit. You can store fairly small items under the beds and they will also be out of sight when you have visitors over. Also many furniture pieces themselves, can act as actual storage units; for example coffee tables can convert to perfect hiding spots or stools and benches often open up. If you are really frustrated, you can always investigate the possibility of renting outside storage if it is a major issue.

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