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Preparing for moving day can be stressful and chaotic so the key is to stay focused and organized. You can compare moving day, to having to meet an urgent deadline at work. You start thinking about the road ahead and all the things that have to be done and it can be over-whelming! Take a deep breath, make a clear list and forge ahead.

Try these simple tips:

• Create a to-do-list or a detailed checklist Put pen to paper and list all the things you need to accomplish not only before the move but after the move to your new property. List everything step-by-step exactly as the jobs need to be done. Stay organized!

• Pack up those sturdy boxes Collect sturdy boxes well in advance of your moving day.  It is advisable to start packing your well ahead of the moving day rather than having to rush everything a day or two before moving out. Try to put all the specific rooms of furniture together in the moving truck so when they are unloaded in will be room by room. Clearly in bold black markers write FRAGILE on the outside of any boxes with breakables inside.

Very important – LABEL every box so it will be easier for you to determine what is inside when you start to unpack.

• Contact moving companies or ask for referrals before hiring one. Don’t just pick the first moving company you see. Research a few options and call the specific company and ask all about their services or ask for referrals before you hire the company to compare the prices and reputation. Are they bonded? How many men work per truck? Are they reliable and do they arrive on time? You can always rent a truck yourself and rely on your friends’ or families’ help as well. Although, often the expense is close to hiring actual movers and you do not have to do any heavy lifting.

• Make sure that you update the change of address. When you move in or out, it is always a must and the first thing you should is a change of address. You must contact prior to your moving day (usually 7 days before) for Canada Post and also contact all your providers for utilities such as gas, cable and hydro. Notify your relatives and friends as well so they will be all informed to where they can contact you.

The most important thing DO NOT STRESS OUT; look forward to moving into your beautiful new home

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