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Always completely secure your garbage in a very tightly closed garbage container.
If you live in a remote area, never use simple garbage bags as this will surely attract not only bears to your property but all kinds of animals. At Orca Realty, we receive many calls from our tenants residing in the British Properties and parts of North Vancouver to advise us they have had bears roaming around the property. This can be a common complaint if you do not secure your garbage properly. Generally the bears are simply hungry and are forced to come closer and closer to humans to find food for survival. They tend to wander out when we are asleep but there have been many reports of bear sightings in the day as well. With their strong sense of smell, they are attracted to human food and the easiest access is our garbage cans.

But bears seeking out your garbage is not the only problem among home owners and property renters, it is often the danger you can unwittingly put yourself in. If you come upon a bear suddenly DO NOT approach the bear. Most people do not know what to do when they come into contact with an animal that size and they panic. Often the bear can be foraging for food for their hungry cubs they have left alone close by. These are enormous, powerful animals that are usually protecting their young, so again NEVER approach the bear.

People living in highly isolated areas are mostly affected but with global warming, there are many bears coming closer to cities to find food to survive.
Avoid a tragedy by keeping your garbage cans not only tightly secured but also in a covered secure area where bears cannot get at the cans.
Use your garburator to dispose of left-over foods like meat, fish, fruits and vegetables rather than put them outside in the garbage. Check to make sure your garbage containers do not spill out, any stray garbage should be picked up right away. Try to make a habit of checking on your garbage cans at night when the bears usually come out.

If it is possible to put garbage in metal containers that have padlocks, it is highly recommended. But as mentioned before, the best preventative is to build a secure location to store the cans in. Also, deodorize the garbage cans after they are emptied with a strong ammonia cleaner that will aid to lessen the odor.

The key to eliminate the bear problem is to properly disposal of your garbage.

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