Big couches in big houses = a Vancouver property managers Sunday day off

  • 9 years ago
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In the Vancouver property management game we often assist rental house owners with all aspects of property management from finding them reliable tenants to managing problems when they arise to helping tenants move in and move out. It’s not often that carrying the couches and chairs themselves is required but when papa bear calls and asks for help to move the couches from point A to point B then it surely must be done. Unlike a few of our British Properties houses for rent or a couple Caulfield rental homes located near Horseshoe Bay West Vancouver, his property is completely level so it was a fairly easy job but should the occasion arise to move furniture in your own home be sure to follow these 5 steps below to avoid any injury:

1) bend your knees

2) keep your feet shoulder width apart

3) lift close to your body

4) clear your path before starting

5) if you’re struggling… get help


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