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It’s back-to-school and that means tons of birthday parties coming your way. It’s common practice now for the class to invite everyone, so you end up with a birthday party every weekend. Birthday celebrations for kids are great fun for them and should always be treated special, memorable and fun!
When you celebrate your own children’s birthday you want to be creative and let your child be involved in the planning.
A month or two before the big day, the party theme is very important to pick. Try researching online by browsing party themes to help you decide. Make sure you involve your child in this process as they have creative ideas and will get even more excited in the planning of the big day!
There are so many party theme ideas to choice from; super hero themes, fairy-tale themes, animal themes and cartoon character themes.
Once your theme is set, you should work on the invitations, so you will have a clear idea how many guests will be attending. There are many store bought invitations or you can have your child make the invitations which is always a great family time together.
Decorations are the fun part of the party planning…balloons..streamers..piñ…
Making a to-do-list will help keep you organized and make sure you don’t miss any important details. If you are on a tight budget, take the time to go out and shop around, as there are all kinds of amazing sales once back to school comes around. You can save money as well by baking your own Birthday cupcakes or cake rather than ordering from a bakery. The dollar store is a great place to stock up on all kinds of fun trinkets to fill those goodie bags.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your child’s birthday celebration a happy and memorable one. It’s all about the time and effort and love you share with your child on their very special day!

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