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Renting a West Vancouver home is always a plus because architecturally they are so fun to work with but the issue of what to cover all the windows in, is always a question. Because of the size of lots in these locations many homes are set far back on the property in seclusion, so owners often opt for bare windows which is often a problem with certain tenants who prefer window coverings.

However, as a general rule, West Vancouver home owners usually provide curtains or blinds as this eliminates an added expense for the tenants. Designer blinds are shown in every colour under the rainbow and are a main staple in home decor stores and boutiques.
There are rich, sleek wooden blinds, woven wicker blinds, canvas roll up blinds and the list is endless.
Nowadays, you can wrap your windows in shutter blinds and you can find blinds that are waterproof, easy washable and blinds that help save on your heating bills. Also, there are colours and styles that can add a designer feel to every room. West Vancouver Property Managers suggest strongly to home owners the benefits of providing window coverings.

Walk through Ikea and you can’t help but discover a whole new world of window coverings. My windows are covered in canvas white blinds that are easy to care for, keep in the heat and keep out the cold.

Personally, I have never been attracted to long heavy drapes that can consume a rooms ambiance and be costly to maintain.
More and more home owners are installing blinds as they have become very chic in all contemporary homes!

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