British Properties rental homes – living through reno’s

  • 8 years ago
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Orca Realty boasts many British Properties rental homes in our property management portfolio. Its one of the most prestigious areas of the Northshore and is famous for offering sprawling mansions and estates with million dollar views of ocean, mountains and the Downtown Vancouver skyline. Many of these West Vancouver houses for rent were built 30 – 50 years ago and while the lots and houses are often massive in size the rental value isn’t always as high as the owners would like because AAA VIP tenants want new, modern homes.Renovating is what owners of many of our British Properties houses for rent decide to do. Whether you decide to rent the house out afterwards or keep living in the home… what should you do while the work is being done? The only two options are to move out or to stay. The size and scope of the work being performed is obviously going to be the number one determining factor in what your choice will be but budget and convenience are also factors.

If you are going to live in the home read this article before you do! Its a survival guide to living your life while strangers temporarily occupy your home.  Just keep in mind the following important points:

1) Establish very strict hours that the renovations will be performed

2) Keep your valuables in a safe place.Strangers will have access to your home

3) Keep heating and air conditioning use to a minimum… Dust will be everywhere

4) Have fun with it! If you are going to this route treat it as an adventure.

Are you thinking of moving out during the renovations? Then read this. Before committing to move out, think of the expenses involved or the uncomfortable situations that may arise when you decide to move in with family or friends.

1) What if a 6 week renovation takes 14 weeks? Can your budget handle the surprise

2) What if staying at families or friends homes gets uncomfortable?

There’s no one magical solution that will work for everyone during this stressful time. A qualified British Properties property management company will be able to lay out options for you. Be sure to contact one today as a great first step

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