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North Vancouver home owners are getting ready for the much publicized snowfall that is scheduled to hit us tonight. Hmmm…the doubters and the skeptics of weather forecasters are not preparing for anything because 9 out of 10 times these people get it wrong. Besides we are notorious for overreacting to the tiny white flakes that everyone else in the country lives with everyday and why? No one here except for the eastern transplants can drive in the annoying white powder. Schools are closed at the very first flurry and road warnings are issued every hour on the hour. Forget about public transit, the sky-train does not run and most buses are so full you often have to wait for 3 or 4 before one will actually stop for you.

Downtown offices close early and shovels sell out faster than anything else. All for that one tiny insignificant snowfall that usually disappears after one day.

Northshore Property Managers are busy with calls from tenants who are worried their pipes will freeze or who will be responsible for shoveling the front walk of their strata building? All good questions but what about snow tires? Why do we never think of snow tires? I mean it’s not like we never get snow, in fact it happens more often than not, even if it only visits once or twice a year snow tires are crucial to safe driving in winter weather. Downtown Vancouver apartments for rent will sit empty for an extra day or two as the entire city crawls to a standstill awaiting the great white monster.

The city crews have already sanded before the snow this time just to be prepared. Now we are also targeted for a night of freezing rain right after the dreaded snow falls and that is something that really terrifies me. Driving in the freezing rain is a scary thought. Welcome February as we are about to feel old man winter for the first time this year.

If the snow comes, hold onto your steering wheels and watch out for all the other guys on the road without their snow tires.

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