Burnaby Rental Homes – Avoid the floods

  • 10 years ago

Burnaby rental homes need to be proactive in the onslaught of our heavy winter rainfalls. Much of the low-laying areas between Burnaby’s precipitous south slope and the Fraser River is floodplain. Keeping your gutters free of built up debris is a good start. Also, if your driveway tends to slope downward make certain any drains that are at the bottom of the driveway are kept clean and clear. If you do not have a drain where is the water going to go? Be proactive and remove all potential flooding problems before they happen.

I have seen homes where this has not been done and the result is a quick accumulation of excess water in a cycle of heavy rainfalls. If you have a basement suite or basement door be prepared to have to pump out all the excess water at a considerable cost to yourself. This does not include the property damage to furniture, carpets, appliances for your downstairs tenant.

As most Vancouver rental properties deal with rain issues on a regular basis in the winter it can be as simple as going outside and walking around the property to see if there are any potential flooding spots that need attention. Do this in the spring long before the rain hits. Check your home insurance to make sure you have this area covered should it arise.

Experienced Vancouver Property Managers stay on top of this important issue. Due diligence to the problem is the best preventative medicine. After all, your rain boots are meant for outside weather not for wading through your basement.

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