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Planning the office Christmas party is hard work. You need to choose a venue which appeals to all the different personalities and to all the different palates in the office. This can be challenging as there are vegetarians and many people only like specific foods so trying to find the perfect place can be daunting.

Last year, we went to The Sandbar on Granville Island and it was fantastic but unfortunately they were fully booked by September, so we had to hunt for another option. The Sandbar offered such a versatile menu that was welcomed by all; the ambiance was perfect and the service top notch. The steak was the best I have ever had.

This year, after much searching, we have finally decided to take the team on a Christmas Dinner Cruise on the Queen of Diamonds. They offer a 4 hour cruise and one of the best Christmas buffet menus around. There will also be Christmas carol singing and after dinner, a DJ comes on for dancing.
We are looking forward to the evening and hope everyone has a good time. 
It is such a special time to spend with people you work with everyday, away from the stress of the office and to get to know each other on a social level. It is also fun to meet the wives, husbands, girlfriends etc of everyone. It brings the office just a little closer and we look forward to the dinner every year.

No matter where you decide to host your office Christmas party, pick a spot that caters to everyone’s personalities and have fun!

No one looks forward to an uptight, stuffy party where everyone is nervous to say anything.
Use the time to get to know each other a little better and take lots of selfies!

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