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As a tenant, it is your responsibility when you first move in to your rental property to have clear, proper documentation on the state the property was in when you first moved there. From the time you sign the lease, you agree to take full accountability for taking care of the property as your own. Certain agreements are also indicated in the contract and documents, so everything must be read carefully, so you fully understand your lease.

Security and pet deposits are required before you move in that may cover any damages caused by you or your pets. Whether it is the interior or exterior of your rental property. In BC, this is a maximum of 1/2 months rent.

You should be prepared for the inspection before the actual move out date. Download the BC standard cleaning check list so you know exactly what is expected of you as your landlord or Property Manager will definitely have that list on hand with them during the inspection. Damages you are responsible for, will be deducted from your security and/or pet deposits. Check the small details like burnt out light bulbs (if the owner has to have someone come to the property to replace burnt out light bulbs it will cost you much more than a simple light bulb).

Generally, your landlord will work from the move in inspection report done at the time you move in so make certain you get a copy of this report when you move in and keep it in a safe place. Everything will be checked thoroughly; for example scratches on the floors, marks, holes or nails in the walls, dirty carpets etc…All the appliances will be checked as well to make sure they are all functioning so if you are having any problems beforehand, let the landlord know.

Be prepared and know what to expect!
The best prevention for problems is to treat the property like your own with respect and you should not run into any issues.

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