Contractors Can Make Or Break Your Company!

  • 8 years ago

As the premiere Property Management company on the North Shore,  we know our contractors make or break our business and we feel blessed to have a great pool of talented and skilled professionals that we depend upon. Having the luxury of having several different options allows us to grow and become the best we strive to be in the business. In all honesty, you get what you pay for, so do not look for the cheapest contractor or the most expensive one. Look for the absolute best, well rounded and dependable team player you can afford.

Check references and past jobs completed to get the best picture of what your expectations can be.

In the Property Management business we have to be constantly prepared for emergencies because they always happen, especially on the weekend and holidays. You must have contractors who are not only skilled but available at all days and times. A burst pipe waits for no-one and a leaky problem can cause all kinds of extensive damage if not dealt with quickly. You will need more than one great candidate as everyone goes on holidays and have personal issues to deal with. Keep a dossier at hand of the best candidates you can surround yourself with. They will be busy, as the more your business grows, the more people you need.

Pay your contractors on time! This is the golden rule of Property Management. Make them feel appreciated and valuable to the business, so they want to grow right along with you.

Do copious amounts of reference checks on your contractors and what better way than word of mouth. Check they are fully licensed and fully insured to protect not only them but your company. If any damage is caused to a specific property because of their negligence, you do not want to be responsible for the damage. Check their insurance policy is up to date and check the coverage is a high enough amount needed for the job they do.

It is imperative you work closely with your contractors and follow up on every completed job. Having your key staff meet the contractor at the site to be clear with exactly what needs to be done can save you serious problems down the road.

We are only as good as our team!

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Contractors Can Make Or Break Your Company!

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