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Yeah it’s summer but with the warm sunshine comes the dreaded humidity, especially if you reside in an apartment with no AC. Have you ever experienced sleepless nights due to those record breaking hot summer days? Suffocating heat that seems to never end and when the heat is at its extreme temperatures, all you want to do is to stay inside your apartment and refresh your body with ice cold drinks.

You just don’t want to go outside and walk around in weather that is unbearably hot and humid.

But when you are living in an apartment with no AC this is the reality of the season. You can try several different things to cool down your inside temperature. For example, you may want to put up dark curtains or blinds in south facing windows to help prevent the heat from the direct sun to stream through your windows and turn your favourite room into a sauna.

Close your windows and doors to prevent the humid outside air from coming in. Switch on your ceiling fan, if you have one and allow it to rotate all day so the air circulates. Putting indoor plants in your hottest rooms can help to make your apartment slightly cooler as plants are eco-friendly and have a natural way of releasing oxygen that can help.

You may consider investing in an apartment size portable air conditioner that can cool individual rooms. You can buy them new or used on craigslist for an affordable price.

Avoiding strenuous activities that can make you feel tired and exhausted during the day with the heat is at its strongest. Instead, set your alarm for early morning and do your daily workout before the sun rises. Change your heavy winter bedsheets to slightly damp 100% cotton sheets, which will help at night to cool your body temperature down.

Try spending your day in an air conditioned mall or picnic in a park with trees as well so you are not spending your hot summer days locked up inside your humid apartment. When looking to rent a condo or an apartment in Vancouver check to see if an added feature of the suite is AC.

There are simple ways or tips to still enjoy the summer even if the sun is at an extreme temperature. Don’t let the heat ruin the best season of the year. We are very lucky at our West Vancouver Orca Realty office as we have a wonderful air conditioning system that keeps us all cool all day long.

Summer is the best time to relax and enjoy your days, so find the best way for you to keep cool.

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