Dim Sum Lunch…..Can’t Wait!

  • 9 years ago

We are getting ready to go to our very first office DIM SUM lunch this afternoon and everyone is very excited. Our 5 star real estate agent is treating us all to lunch. Personally, I have never tried Dim Sum but I have heard great things about it and cannot wait to try it today. I’ve been told the steamed prawn dumplings are the best but I’m looking forward to the hot noodle dishes.

Here are some of the suggestions that have been given to me by my more experienced dim summers.
The number one suggestion is any steamed dumpling dishes from the tasty meat ones to the fresh vegetable ones.

Cheung-fun is a delicious crispy roll of Chinese rice noodles…sounds fantastic!

Whether your mouth prefers fried, baked or sweet there is a dish for everyone. The cool thing is you can try several bite size dishes and not miss out on anything. Dim Sum means “point of the heart” so what a great way to spend time with your family or friends. Originally from China, this unique way of dining has definitely become people in North America.

The more people you can gather together the better. The big round tables are set up in the restaurants for large groups and the more people who attend the more dishes you can order and share.
Yum…steamed dumplings…sticky rice…crispy spring rolls…custard and jasmine tea are just a small portion of the extensive menu you will get to choose from.

Take time and really look at what’s on the fun steam heated carts the servers wheel around with all different dishes. Be adventurous and try new things you wouldn’t normally eat; that is the fun of Dim Sum! Think of brunch in another country and be experimental.

We will be going to Dynasty at 108-777 West Broadway which came well recommended and has won several awards for outstanding food.
Check out their link below and make a reservation soon.


Thanks Rocky….can’t wait for lunch today!

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Dim Sum Lunch.....Can't Wait!

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