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Travelling every day back and forth to work, stress from congested traffic and then to add insult to injury you end up with a parking ticket; this has to be the biggest headache among vehicle owners. It is inevitable, that sometimes, we just can’t avoid parking violations, especially when we are late and rushing to pick up the kids from school, or rushing to the office and we just cannot find a parking spot. The temptation to park illegally is often to hard to ignore and before you know it, there is the dreaded ticket on your windshield.

If you are parking in an unfamiliar and place, take the time to fully read the signs on the roads carefully. Check the hours on the sign and pay attention to any restrictions especially at rush hour. Always read where you can load and unload on highways and streets.

How to avoid parking tickets?

If you are heading to work or going to school, try using public transportation like translink bus service, skytrain or seabus to avoid paying any parking violations. This may help relieve the stress of heavy traffic and the many parking problems that you will encounter. If your school or office is close by, you can just take a walk and enjoy the exercise.  You will save a lot of money on gas, avoid parking violations, avoid the stress of traffic in rush hour and paying extra for parking.

If you need to use your car, look for parking areas like paid parking garages or free 2 hour parking spots near your office or school.

READ THE SIGNS: Follow all the rules and regulations on where to properly park your vehicle.

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