Do Not Leave Your Pets Outside In The Cold Weather!!!

  • 6 years ago

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Please remember Winter is here and during winter season, it is critical to make sure your beloved pets are warm and safe in the colder temperatures.

NEVER leave your dog chained but especially in the cold weather.

Just because they have fur does not mean they cannot get as cold as you would. The common misconception for most people is that pets are resistant to cold and snow due to their fur but this is ABSOLUTELY not true. The risks and hazard snow and cold temperatures can cause people can also be the same risk to your pets as well. Pets, like dogs and cats feel the same cold as you and I, so it is advised to keep your pets inside your home to keep them safe from cruel exposure to cold elements.

A responsible pet owner would never leave his or her pet outside when winter season starts. Leaving pets outside can be a severe threat to their health.
Pets feel the same cold as humans and it depends on their tolerance to frigid weather.

Paying attention to smaller and younger pets is a must; they need more care during winter months.


Just as you and your family want to stay comfortable and warm in the colder seasons so do your family pets want to feel warm and secure. In freezing cold weather an unheated dog house does not take the place of a warm, comfortable home for them to be in. Even taking your pet for a walk in the cold, be mindful to buy them thermo pet clothing.

To prevent unnecessary sickness to your pets, visit your veterinarian regularly to prescribe and get tips how to prevent pets from getting cold in the winter months. There are preventive health exams that can be a big help in this area. Your pets need a regular check-up to make sure they are healthy not only before winter but at all times.

Providing shelter to your pets and keeping them inside your home in cold weather is an example of a loving, caring and a responsible owner.

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Do Not Leave Your Pets Outside In The Cold Weather!!!

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