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Our planet is running out of our natural resources at a very fast rate. We all need to start immediately to help the planet and environment around us to maintain and thrive in the healthiest way possible.

All of us can do more when it comes to recycling and keeping our beautiful city greener.

British Properties rental house owners want to keep that beautiful view clear and not smoggy.

Owners of Dundarave or Ambleside houses for rent want their beachfront shores to remain clean and clear, not dirty with refuse washing up on our shorelines.

Residents of our Yaletown, Coal Harbour or downtown Vancouver furnished condos want clear sight lines of the North shore Mountains, the ocean and Stanley Park. The most important reason to live green is our children and their children.

Start simple by introducing green activities into your home or your work environment. This will help reduce the enormous garbage problem we face, sustain our natural resources and improve both air and water quality.

All of us should focus on doing much more when it comes to recycling and reusing.

Below are some tips to help you do your part:

Green Tips

10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

1. Save energy to save money.

2. Save water to save money.

3. Less gas = more money (and better health!).

4. Eat locally raised foods

5. Skip the bottled water.

6. Think before you buy.

7. Borrow instead of buying.

8. Buy bulk

9. Keep electronics out of the trash.

10. Make your own cleaning supplies.

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