Dundarave Rental Homes – Who picked the paint?

  • 8 years ago
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Dundarave rental homes ask the question we all ask as renters at some time. “Who picked the colour of paint in this room and that room and that room and so on….and so on..I mean really? What possesses someone to think high gloss bright lime green paint would suit any room never mind the master bathroom. How about a brick red paint in the living room  and canary yellow in the adjoining dining room. Pass the ray bans please. What happened to an elegant soft eggshell paint or the ever popular buff white. It’s hard enough to make your furniture fit in a neutral coloured room but imagine the challenge when your living room walls are splashed with an eccentric electric blue or a cheery pretty in pink. West Vancouver real estate agents cringe when they enter the home of a “design specialist” who loves to experiment on the walls and then decides to rent their home instead of listing it. It is a delicate balance of artistic personality versus practical common sense but let’s face it practical always rents a lot faster. Vancouver rental properties appear slightly more muted than other areas in their interior design presentation but you never know what lies beyond the front door of a rental property so knock softly and like the boy scouts famous motto…” always be prepared”

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