Dundarave Rental Properties – Spring in January?

  • 8 years ago
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Dundarave rental properties are feeling spring in the air and in January! What is going on here on the West Coast of Canada anyways? The rest of the country is madly digging their cars, sidewalks, driveways and just about everything else out of massive snowfalls on a daily basis. The temperature in West Vancouver right now is a balmy 7 degrees and we are loving it. I just passed an outdoor café with customers actually sitting outside. Northshore Property Managers are usually dealing with flooding issues, heating problems and all the other weather related catastrophes associated with old man winter but not this winter. Of course, if you like the cold and snow especially you skiers and snow boarders then this weather can be a curse. Some North Vancouver rental homes especially in the Mount Seymour area are far more familiar with the sight of snow than the sight of kids playing in the backyard without jackets in January. As for me, my snowboard is safely tucked away and my skies locked in the basement but I do love sitting outside on a balmy January afternoon sipping my double foam non-fat latte.

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