East Vancouver property management – BC crime rate stats

  • 8 years ago
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If you are not sure which areas of town are safe and which are not, you should contact your local East Vancouver property management company. The Lower Mainland is by and large a safe, secure place to live but if you are new in town than its always advisable to perform your due diligence. Like anywhere in the world, there are areas that are safer than others. The usual rule of thumb is that the more expensive and prestigious the neighborhood is, than the safer you should be but its not always the case. Gastown lofts can be very pricey but happen to be right next to a fairly transitional area. Before securing your East Vancouver rental house you should always drive around the neighborhood and get a feel for if your family would be safe.

There are many East Vancouver homes for rent that will offer you a great experience and feeling of community. Just do your due diligence!

Read your local BC crime rate statistics below:

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