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  • 11 years ago

Your East Vancouver property management company will tell you that there are good and bad signs that a prospective tenant displays when viewing your rental home. Keep an open eyes out for the following, as these are some good indicators that you may have found a good tenant.

1. They are on time or if they are late they call you beforehand with a valid reason.
2. They drive a vehicle that is clean and well maintained. Cleanliness is a habit and lifestyle so keep in mind if the prospective tenant is driving a dirty, unorganized car with garbage and papers spread out inside. There’s a pretty good chance that your East Vancouver rental home will be looking the same in short order.
3. They taking pictures, measurements and notes. This is a great sign of a tenant who is organized and takes pride of the home that they live in.
4. They are groomed well. A tenant who dresses well, styles their hair (if applicable) and takes overall pride in their appearance will usually do the same with their home.
5. They look you in the eye and seem genuine and confident.
6. They ask you many questions about the home and the area
7. When they leave you have a ‘good feeling’ about the experience and are hoping to receive an application from them.

Years of experience is hard to replace when it comes to judging such character traits so pay VERY close attention or do yourself a favor and simply hire a well respected East Vancouver property manager.

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