Facebook Yeah or Nay!!!

  • 9 years ago

Why do we spend our life on Facebook? When you ask anyone this, the standard answer 98% of the time is, “Oh I’m not on it very much, I really only use it to stay in touch with family and friends.” But I bet a million dollars, if you checked out their Facebook page, you would see a picture of their lunch…the exact image of what they ate..where they ate it and what time they had lunch. Facebook has become our main communication tool with the rest of the world.

But, it is also filled with useless, mind-numbingly boring posts of people doing the most inane things. News flash!!!

Your Facebook friends are NOT your real friends.

It doesn’t matter how many you have. All of these issues are not Facebook’s fault. It is the people who use Facebook that are the number 1 perpetrators of spreading their boring rantings. Then you have the hundreds of “friends” who send you game requests..Farmville…Candy Crush and so on and so on….
If I wanted to play one of the thousands of games I would do it on my own. Here’s another thing to keep in mind, no one wants to see your drunken party pictures or whatever other nasty party selfie you have in your portfolio. Especially if you are over 25 year old, it does not make you look cool. So many Facebook users, use the site to share all their drawn out dramas they experience each and every day. Whether it’s a fight with a co-worker or a bad encounter with the bus driver we get to hear it all..every single detail! Guess what? Everybody has the same day and no-one wants to relieve your bad day with you on Facebook.
What is good about Facebook, is the opportunity to stay in touch with all your friends and family who are spread all over the country. I love being able to see what my cousin is doing in Texas or my brother in Ontario. I can see how big my nieces and nephews are getting and what they are doing in school and sports. It makes you feel a part of their lives and keeps everyone in touch with each other.

Share with us your Facebook pet peeves….

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Facebook Yeah or Nay!!!

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