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Today, millennial kids and teenagers are mostly sitting on couches either watching or playing with their iphones, PSP, Wii, Xbox or I pads instead of playing outside with their friends like the generation before them. Obesity among children has tripled in the last few years. Because of the kid’s addictions to high tech electronic gadgets, they miss out on the fun of playing outdoors and experience the childhood games the way their parents and grandparents did.

A great way to get the kid’s back into nature is taking the whole family camping.

Family camping is the best way to bond and spend quality time with your family. Family camping is perfect when the kids are out of school and the hot summer weather calls out for a cool alternative to staying in the house. Leave the cell phones, iPads and electronic gadgets at home. Since there is generally no internet or reception for cell phones or charging station for their PSP’s or Ipads, so there’s no reason to bring them. Barbeques, swimming in the lake, playing badminton will keep you busy so no time for Emails/ Facebook/ Twitter or any distracting social media.
Get back to basics and go camping.

Camping is a great way to connect with each other and your kids will learn to appreciate nature and not just spend time confined inside their rooms. Everyone helps each other with the outdoor cooking, getting logs to make a camp fire, setting up the tent and all the camping chores. Kids love barbeques with their favorite hotdogs, corn, hamburgers and of course toasting marshmallows.

Family camping is a great experience to explore nature at its finest. Biking and hiking together, meeting new friends at the camp sites which help everyone create a new circle of friends.

Not only is camping fun it is an economical way to have a fantastic family vacation.

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