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West End rental homes are not just for trendy rich singles anymore. The City of Vancouver has approved a plan to accommodate 10,000 more people in the West End over the next 30 years. This can only mean more rental units, enhanced retail establishments and street expansions in the future. As a previous West End dweller I see this as an exciting change that has been a long time coming.

The overall West End rental properties are a collection of stunning character and often protected heritage buildings that many renters call home.

The West End Community Centre offers many programs for people of all ages from childcare, fitness, arts and senior programs. The shops along Denman Street are packed in the spring and summer months and lead right to the fabulous beach on English Bay with it’s crowded volleyball courts and oceanfront food kiosk. There are so many different cultures represented in the large number of restaurants in Vancouver’s West End. Greek, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and the list goes on and on.

Friendly bars and wine lounges offer a place to relax after a hard days work and range from formal to very casual. I haven’t even mentioned Stanley Park and the seawall because they speak for themselves.

Look out downtown Vancouver renters, the burbs are coming home and the double wide strollers may soon be crowding your swanky sidewalks.

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