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Vancouver home renters just celebrated our annual February Family Day celebration last Monday. It’s been a long time coming but we are finally recognizing this special day along with the rest of Canada here in B.C. and momentum is picking up for this welcome holiday.

Whether you spent the day with your loved ones skiing up in Whistler or bowling in the burbs, it is a fantastic time spending quality time together as a family. Except for Valentine’s Day, February has always been a short, boring month. Winter just seems endless and there is nothing to look forward to, then WHAM, out of nowhere, we get a brand new holiday to celebrate.

What better thing could we celebrate in crazy times like this, than the family. Orca Realty Property Managers closed the office on Monday and headed out to the slopes for a fun filled day with their families, snow boarding, sledding and snow shoeing.

Not a snow bunny, no problem, there were tons of activities going on during the holiday to capture everyone’s interest. If you missed it, you could have spent the day going for a free ice skate in Robson Square or you could have taken the kids to the Richmond Children’s Art Festival.

If you missed it this year, pencil it in for next year!

Some friends of mine spent the day at the Vancouver Art Gallery and caught the Takashi Murakami exhibit: The Octopus Eats It’s Own Leg which is on, through February 3rd-May 6th, 2018. Try and catch it before it leaves; definitely worth the effort.

I shared lunch with my fabulous family at the Cheshire Cheese Restaurant in the busy Lonsdale Quay and we all went for a long bicycle ride along the beautiful seawall overlooking the ocean. Not only great exercise but the view is breathtaking.

So take the time to smell the roses everyday and remember what’s really important in our always busy lives. Family!

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