Finding A Home In Yaletown – Beware of the scam

  • 8 years ago
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Finding a home in Yaletown is never easy, so renters beware when you see an advertisement for a property that seems to good to be true. Because guess what, it 99.9% probably is. Most online scam artists always target luxury condo’s and apartments in sought after areas where the properties are scarce and the renters plentiful. The owner almost always lives in another country generally overseas and is never available to meet the renter in person but will strongly encourage you to wire transfer a security deposit plus first month’s rent. You will be informed your rental lease, condo keys, parking stall information, FOB etc. will be mailed to you asap but somehow they never arrive. Vancouver apartments for rent usually have a concierge placed in the lobby for security and they should be familiar with whomever is showing you the property. Also, try and take a friend with you when you do a viewing as four pairs of eyes are better than two. Renters who need to find a place before you actually relocate do yourself a favour and hire a reputable company who you can trust. For a small fee you will have piece of mind and not worry the apartment or condo you rented online actually exists. Vancouver Property Managers are there for the sole purpose of finding owners AAA tenants who will treat their properties with care and respect. So don’t be one those scam victims, hire the professionals from the beginning and they will find you the perfect place to hang your hat.

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