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There are pros and cons for renters, whether you prefer a gas stove or an electric stove.
There are both advantages and disadvantages to both ranges.
If you are considering purchasing a rental property make sure you inspect the appliances carefully. Particularly, the stove, as this is the most important appliance to most renters. It is always the first thing they inspect in the kitchen.

In comparing the two, you will obviously consider the price first, which cost less and which is more expensive and also the safety of the stoves when being used. With electric, you merely have to turn the element on and viola it is ready to use. But with a gas stove, it’s all about the ignitors and when those fail to light, it can be costly to repair.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to help you choose which appliance is best for you:
With electric stoves, there are many choices of high technology models available on the market. The electric models are easier to maintain and clean. Of course, on the plus side,  gas stoves do produce more direct heat than electric stoves so you do have to watch your pans more closely to avoid over cooking.

On the other hand, gas stoves seem to be more popular with cooks because there is more control on the heat level. For example with recipes that need to simmer gas is perfect.

Electric stoves have an even smooth surface, so as noted previously, it is easier to clean. With gas stoves it is more difficult to clean as you need to remove all the grates and be careful when removing them.

Electric stoves do offer several attractive features, such as, built in exhaust fans and timers but gas stoves can be cheaper to use and most serious cooks always prefer to cook with gas stoves.

For most renters, here at Orca Realty we find they prefer gas stoves over electric stoves. Whatever your choice, just make sure you keep your appliances in great shape and replace when necessary and always keep your warranty handy.


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