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Spring is almost here; every tenant and landlord are getting ready for the much anticipated Spring season. This Winter season was so cold and seemed to last much longer than an average Winter. We had snow in March for heavens sake! The temperatures were at an all time low this year and hopefully Spring and Summer are right around the corner. 
It is time to start thinking about cleaning off the patio and Spring planting.
There are tips on how to get your property ready for Spring:

Check your gutters. Fall and Winter are the seasons where old, dead leaves fall on your roof and end up clogging up your gutters. You also have debris, small tree branches etc…etc clogging them up. Of course, due to the horrible Winter weather we don’t have the opportunity to climb up the ladder to clean gutters.

Spring is also a good time to check your chimneys to make sure there is no exterior damage or breaks from loose roof shingles.

Walk around the property and check for cracks on all upper and lower windows and doors. Seal any cracks on the doors and replace and cracked or broken window panes.

If you have one, inspect your air-conditioning unit. If there are any holes or cracks, now is the time to repair them before Summer hits and the weather gets humid and hot.

Inspect for outside faucet leaks or pipe leaks.

Inspect and replace any exterior patio or security lights that need to be repaired or replaced.

Also, it is very important to do a thorough on the inside of the house as well.
Check and if needed, clean your furnace filters and see if it is time to do an annual furnace maintenance to keep it running properly and efficiently. 

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