Give Back To Those Who Need It Most!

  • 5 years ago

Unfortunately, scores of people in the world need help to feed themselves and often their children. This is where we can come in and donate to our local food-bank. When you are grocery shopping, pick up extra food and put it in the food-bank bin or often, at the cash register you will see a coupon book for food-banks where you can donate as little as $2 to help a family less fortunate.

At IGA, they have big brown paper bags marked $10 or $20 that you can purchase when you go through the checkout. You do not have to do anything yourself as they will deliver to the Food Banks on your behalf.

Food banks are institutions that provide food and hot meals to hungry people not just during the holidays but every day of the week. Often, for some people, this is the only meal they have all day. If you are blessed enough with a good job, happy home and loving family, share your blessings and play a big part in helping food-banks.


Donating to food banks with food or money is very important but if you have any extra time and can donate a day or two a month, the food-banks need the physical manpower as well.

Volunteering and providing your services for free to help them distribute or pack food and donations is an enormous help to them.
Invite your family members, friends and work colleagues to join you….
Food-banks desperately need donations, particularly financial, so if you have extra money please be generous. If you can’t volunteer physically, you can donate money. Your money will help feed families and homeless people. Get your work involved, as you can ask your company to participate with you. Organize food drives and make it a whole event with the office.

If you work with a large Company, you can host a party for a food drive or participate in a fundraising run or any other activity to help raise money for your local food-bank.
It is for a great cause and will help build your companies morale.

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Give Back To Those Who Need It Most!

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