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What is volunteering? It is an act of kindness and willingness of one person or group to provide service or help without gaining any benefits such as monetary, in return for a specific institution or community. It is taking the time to give back to your community in a way that makes a big difference to everyone involved.
Why should we volunteer?
The number one reason is volunteering is good for you and for your community.

It can be a fulfilling feeling when you do something good for others, especially if you are doing it for free or no profit at all. It is a gratifying feeling when you offer your valuable free time to help someone else, even in just simple things.
Volunteering is one of life’s most satisfying experiences!
Volunteering can also help develop individual social skills and self-confidence but it is the good you will do for others that will be the biggest benefit and enrichment to your life.

Meeting new people in a group or community atmosphere will develop a strong socialization with others that you will help you learn valuable skills.

Many communities thrive by their volunteer efforts and would have to close without the good deeds that volunteers offer. Volunteering can change your life in the best way possible. You will meet new people and groups where you can communicate and share ideas with them and learn many new skills that could help in your future. Volunteering will prepare you for your future job as well.
Even if you have a different career direction in the future, volunteering can have a great impact on your life.

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