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What time is it? Gutter time! The rains will be upon us before we know it and do not ignore your gutter cleaning. You should have this job on your calendar to do at this twice a year. The last thing you want to deal with is clogged gutters, especially if you own rental properties. Not only can your gutter get so heavy with the excess leaves..water..tree..branches..etc that they come loose, you can end up with rotting trims. Ignoring this small job can add hundreds of dollars of damage to your property. Not to mention leaking water into the property as well or causing damage to the homes foundation.

It’s an easy task to schedule your gutter cleaning in the spring and the fall and if you use an experienced company, they will even remind you when it is time to clean. There are many advantages to using a professional company to do the job. One of the top reasons, is most companies will guarantee their work, so you have peace of mind when the heavy wind and rainy weather hits. They are quick and efficient and will have the job done in record time and the best part is, they take the wet mess with them.

Remember, if you leave the gutters too long without cleaning them, the problems created can be insurmountable. You will be dealing with water issues, flooding problems and many costly repairs. Living in West Vancouver or Vancouver itself, rain is always going to be an issue.

However, if you decide to tackle the gutters yourself, make sure you have a secure ladder that is tall enough to not only reach the gutters but also allows you to inspect them closely. Wear shoes that will not slip and do not attempt to do the gutters in bad weather.

                       Keep safety a top priority on your list!

Personally, we recommend hiring the professionals to do the job.

Check out the links below to see some of the companies that offer their services:


Take the time to compare the prices to have your gutters cleaned and if needed repaired versus cleaning them yourself.

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