Handy Tools to Have Around The House

  • 7 years ago

A well maintained home is the secret of every homeowner to keep it safe, secure and in good condition.

Here are my top 5 essential tools to always keep in the house:

1. Wrench and Pliers

Wrenches are used for general repairs like plumbing for clogged sinks or something simple like tightening a loose nut or bolt.  Pliers are also an important tool used for gripping pipes or rods, for twisting wires, and cutting wires as well. It is also useful for bending and compressing a wide range of materials. As Property Managers, we always keep a small toolbox in the car for unexpected emergencies.

2. Screwdriver set

Screwdrivers vary and come in many different styles with a large range of sizes to accommodate all kinds of screws available. They are one of the most commonly used tools whether manual or powered. They are perfect for turning, driving or removing screws on walls, ceilings and other appliances and furniture. When looking to rent a property, most people inspect the overall condition of the house and how much work it will need.

3. Hammer and Nails set

Hammers are more commonly used for woodworking in pounding nails; the claw part is suitable for pulling nails out. It is a tool or device or hand tools used to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects. A nail set is also used in woodwork and construction, usually used as a clipping, for hanging anything inside or outside home and for decoration purposes.

4. Ladder

One of the most common and most helpful tools at home is your basic ladder. When you want to clean the gutters of your home or clean out your chimney you cannot be without a ladder. It is necessary for checking electrical wires, replacing light bulbs, hanging decorations and of course, painting your home.

5. Tapes

All varieties of tapes are essential tools used to seal drafts and cracks in the home and simple home repairs.  Whether you use duct, electrical or masking tapes, they have many purposes and are often used as a quick fix until you can repair the problem  professionally.
If you have tools, make them pretty!

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Handy Tools to Have Around The House

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