Happy Father’s Day!

  • 8 years ago

By tradition, we celebrate Mother’s Day to give back our sincere appreciation to all our mothers, all over the world.  A mother who sacrifices and gives all the love she has to her family and has enormous responsibilities that can consume her life,  so celebrating one day a year seems the least we can do.

We also do the same for our father’s. Father’s Day is very significant to all the dads who work so hard all year long. To give honour to the men that stand tall for their families.

Fathers are known to be the great provider for their families’ needs. From the moment a man decides to marry, his responsibilities double. This is just the beginning to start to build his family. Father’s have to work full time and sometimes need to work 2+ jobs to secure the future of their children’s education and ensure that they give them, the best life and opportunities they can provide.

Times have definitely changed in the family roles. Nowadays, fathers are not just providers; millennial fathers have the same roles as mothers now. They spend quality time with their partners and children alike, taking the kids to parks, playdates and attending every important school event in their children’s lives.  Just as mom’s do, they do the laundry, babysit the kids, put them to bed, change diapers, drop off and pick them up from school. In short, dad’s have taken on much more responsibilities than their father’s and grandfather’s ever did.

So, Father’s Day is celebrated every June to thank every father out there, who gives their time, energy and unconditional love to their families. It is a day we get to make them feel that they are doing a great job and honour them for everything they are doing.

Finding the perfect home for their family is an important job!

It is a special day to tell them “thank you and I love you” that most of us neglect to tell them on a daily basis. So, this Father’s Day make your special dad feel that they have done their best and that you really, really appreciate them.

To all the great father’s that work at Orca Realty, a big congrats on your special day and enjoy your family time!

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Happy Father's Day!

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