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Vancouverites were feeling the heat this summer and were constantly searching for easy, economical ways to cool off. Fans and air conditioners were in high demand and selling like hotcakes, as even the downtown rental condo’s with AC, were at times, feeling hot, uncomfortable and down right humid.
How else could we keep cool this hot, humid summer besides built in air conditioning?

Well, we just happen to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and are fortunate to be able to enjoy its many, many West Coast beaches.
If you rent a Condo in the West End, you could have jogged over to English Bay or Second Beach to feel the cool ocean breeze. There, you can enjoy the beach and take in the view or take a dip in the outdoor pool to cool off.
Always remember your BEACH UMBRELLA as shady areas are scarce.
If you rent in Kits you could have also enjoyed the city views from Kitsilano beach or had a swim in their spacious pool on the beach. Afterwards, you could have grabbed an ice cold cocktail on a patio, at one of the many fabulous restaurants in the area. 

Vancouver Property Managers explore all the outdoor haunts in the city’s trendiest areas all the time, especially in the summer. If you are a homeowner in Point Grey, you are very lucky to have Spanish Banks, Jericho or Locarno beaches on the west side…so take advantage of your surroundings and make a day of it rain or”shine.”
The city was especially hot this summer but we enjoyed every minute by keeping cool in beautiful Vancouver.

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