Home Maintenance Projects to Concentrate on in December!!!

  • 2 years ago

December can be chilly and cold and there are many things that you can do to get your home ready for the colder weather!

Here are a few tips of Vancouver Property Management…

SNOW REMOVAL-Be prepared! Make sure to remove snow from your walkways, driveways, decks and stairs as these can get pretty slippery once the cold weather arrives.

LOOK FOR ICE DAMS-Check your gutters and roof! Look for ice dams as these can cause serious water damage to your home.

CHECK THE INSULATION IN YOUR ATTIC-Have a look in your attic! Make sure that the insulation hasn’t deteriorated as this will make it less efficient.

CLEAN YOUR CHIMNEY-Fire alert! Dirty chimneys can cause fire damage and they are often used more frequently in the winter months…it is important to maintain these.

CHECK YOUR GUTTERS AND DRAINAGE-With the heavy rain at times it’s important to have these cleaned or maintained to avoid clogging, overflow or damage.

TEST YOUR SUMP PUMP! This is very important to avoid flooding or foundation damage due to condensation build-up.

INSPECT YOUR WATER WELLS- Avoid flooding in the liner due to soil pressure and they help your ventilation.

CLEAN YOUR DRYER VENTS-These will be overused during the winter and make sure to remove built-up lint to reduce fire risk and improve household efficiency.

CHECK YOUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM-As the winter approaches you will want to avoid any problems and it’s important to always consult with a reputable electrician.

INSPECT YOUR RADIATORS!-Make sure the radiators in every room are turned on, and then check that every radiator has an even heat from top to bottom.

SEAL LEAKY DOORS AND WINDOWS- It’s going to get colder and it’s time to prepare for the cold winter weather.

CHECK EXTERIOR PIPES-With the winter weather approaching there will be freezing temperatures that can cause serious problems for your external pipes.

BE PREPARED FOR STORMY WEATHER- Make sure your generator is working and also keep a supply of batteries for flashlights in case of a power outage.


It’s great if you are able to do these tasks on your own but if not there are many local companies that you can hire as well!


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