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When purchasing a rental property, sometimes owners may want to install extra amenities or features like a hot tub, to make the home more attractive to potential renters. Often owners assume there will be extra rental revenue for this type of feature and this can definitely be the case, but there can also be added maintenance and repair issues to deal with as well, especially with a hot tub.

It is true, that many renters looking for a property to rent are attracted by hot tubs included in the tenancy but they can also be very reluctant to take on the cost of the maintenance or repairs for the hot tub. Owners need to think about this when deciding on the rental price and try to safely factor in some of the expense of the maintenance into the rent.

For most property owners and Property Management companies, it is a good marketing tool to offer homes and condos with hot tubs and pools. This often helps promote properties because it adds value and appeal to their property.


So the question is are hot tubs really important and are they really advantageous?

Installing a hot tub would be an advantage on the owner’s side because it can increase the rent but also adds a higher level of responsibilities and liabilities on their part as well. So, when installing a hot tub, you should always consider all the factors involved.

A responsible owner or landlord should always keep the hot tub safe, clean and well maintained.

It is a must that hot tubs are always being cleaned and repaired immediately with damaged parts. The cost of chemicals used for maintenance and sanitation purposes.

There should always be precautions and safety observed when using hot tubs.

Children must always  be watched when using the hot tub.

Detailed instructions should be given to renters because every hot tub comes in different models, how the temperature is being timed and regular maintenance as well or added cost of damage deposits could be charged to tenants.

Installing a hot tub in your home could be desirable and could add worth to your home, along with the advantages that you can get we must always be accountable for whatever risks it brings.

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