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Traditionally, part of the routine in renovating your home, is painting the interior of the house. Painting inside the house, of course, depends on the condition; whether the paint is faded, peeling, a low quality paint previously used or you just want a makeover for the walls. The interior doesn’t need regular painting like the exterior that needs more frequent repair due to weather conditions.

There are things homeowners should consider when painting the interior of the house.
Use a quality paint from a reputable paint company. This will save you money in the end. There are generally 2 types of paints most people use. A water-based latex paint or a solvent-based paint.

When you rent your home out, there is considerable wear and tear on the walls at times. People will put hooks, screws and nails on the walls to hang their art and often if done incorrectly this can crack the paint.

If you own an older house and it seems dated to potential renters, by merely painting the walls, you can modernize the look of your property and add to the rental revenue overall. Some areas of the home need painting more often. For instance, the bathroom and kitchen have far more damage on the walls than the living or dining rooms, so you may need to freshen up these walls more often.

Unless you are a professional painter and we cannot stress this enough, hire a professional, skilled painting team to ensure a quality job is done.

Based on many different articles, a good, quality painting job should last for at least 3-5 years ideally.


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