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Getting ready for back to school is sometimes fun and exciting for some people, especially for parents with kids in kindergarten.  However, for experienced parents with multiple older kids, it can be a nightmare beyond description. Whether you enjoy the experience or not, you have to be organized and ready for the first day of school no matter what the grade.

How to begin to prepare for back to school

Start getting the kids used to waking up early, during summer vacation they tend to sleep in much later. Children during their vacation from school, usually spend most of their time outside playing and doing outdoor activities. They sleep late watching television, playing iPad, Wii, Xbox and they end up sleeping late. Two weeks before classes start, get them up at their regular school wake up time.

Search the internet for creative lunch ideas. Take time to buy your school supplies as many of the bigger stores have huge back to school sales.

Check the closets for school clothes and what needs to be replaced.

Do the kids need new backpacks?

Avoid the crowds buying school supplies, lunch boxes, back packs and clothes and shop early. Check their school uniforms to see if they still fit or you may discover they need brand new uniform sizes after summer. Buy the things needed for school early to avoid those long shopping lines.

It is very important to get your children ready for the new school year with their sleeping patterns, study habits and overall school mentality.

Get your kids excited about the new school year. Explain that seeing their old friends and meeting new friends is going to be fun and get them to look forward to going back to school, not dreading it!

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