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Today, there are a lot of companies growing and offering better opportunities to people with higher pay and better benefits as well. This could be a threat for your company if your employees are not happy where they are, they may decide to take advantage of a more lucrative offer from another company.
So, how can you keep your employees happy and productive in your workplace?
There are certain tips or guidelines to be learned in order to do so.
Often, a happy, loyal employee stays with the company simply because they are satisfied with their work, paid a competitive salary with bonuses and benefits. Aside from getting these monetary benefits from their employers, the most important thing to most employees is how their employer values them and their contribution to the company.
Even acknowledging the little things that an employee does for the company should be valued and noticed. This is the best way to make your employees feel appreciated and make them feel they are doing a good job that contributes to the overall success of the company.
The biggest mistake a company can do, is to spend all their time on the employees who are always late, never contribute and are just lazy and detrimental to the organization; while ignoring the employees that do a great job and take pride in their work. Also, employees who begin to feel they are not learning anything new and stagnate in their jobs will become discontented. Always have an air of growth potential to keep your employees excited about the next level of opportunity.   
If your employees help to generate big profits to the company show your appreciation through bonuses, trips and special events. 

Employers should also make their employees feel important and make them feel they contribute greatly to the success of the company.

There is NO “i” in team!

Make each employee feel comfortable in the workplace through proper training. It is the single most important thing to do in business.

Have training manuals available as a reference tool in all areas of your business. 

Company outings also build a strong relationship between an employer and an employee and break the boundaries of a boss from an ordinary employee.  
A good employer will be respected by his employees. 

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