Is Your Kitchen Renter Friendly?

  • 6 years ago
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West Vancouver Property Managers work hard to match up the perfect tenants with the perfect property that will suit all their specific needs. Some tenants are looking for spectacular views and other tenants are more concerned about a spacious backyard area for their kids to play in. In West Vancouver, one of the most asked question is about school catchments. The schools in this area are among the top schools in the country. But the most important room in the house is always the kitchen.
If you own a property and are contemplating renting it out take a good honest look at your kitchen. Do the appliances need to be updated? Sometimes, the kitchen cupboards are enough to turn off potential AAA renters. It is surprising how little you have to spend to bring a contemporary modern look to the kitchen.

Check out these links below to see how easy it is to give your kitchen a quick a face-lift.,,20409598,00.html

You can add $$$$ on to your rental asking price with a few tweaks and a couple cans of paint.

The kitchen is the number one room all renters complain about when looking at several different homes. It is a definite deal breaker and your house will lose out, if your kitchen is old and tired looking.

Lighting is huge as well and the following links will help you see the big difference  proper lighting will make in your kitchen.

By now, I think you get the idea of how important a kitchen is to a renter so share your kitchen remodeling ideas with us on facebook.

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