Is your North Vancouver rental house a boarding home?

  • 11 years ago

So, your North Vancouver rental house has always been tenanted by families or professional couples but the market is a little slow and you decide to roll the dice with 3 or 4 students. The Northshore property management company that has always treated you well advises you to wait for a better option but you decide that you know better and choose to rent to them. Besides the fact that the male students are slobs, all seems to be going well because the rent cheques are clearing, they don’t smoke (cigarettes anyways) and the place hasn’t burned down yet. You should have thought about this years ago!  Things are humming along well until you attempt to renew your homeowner insurance. Your insurance representative calls to inform you that you have been declined! You no longer own a Northshore rental house, you own a boarding house! How did this happen? The rules regarding tenants state that 2 roommates are allowed in a rental suite but a third unrelated tenant may or may not be accepted. It’s a judgement call based on the homes outlay. If you have three unrelated parties sharing a kitchen and a bathroom there’s a very good chance that your insurer will classify your home as a commercial entity. Add a fourth unrelated renter to your house and you are sure to be declined. Exceptions may be extended depending on the number of kitchens and bathrooms that are being shared. You may not have any intention of turning your rental home into a motel but it can happen as easily as renting to an unmarried couple with a friend.

Sometimes renting to roommates and students is a great idea and depending on the property itself, you should not discount them as viable tenants. Owners of  luxury North Vancouver houses for rent generally rent to families or professionals because trusting a multi- million dollar home to a tenant is a serious responsibility. North Vancouver rental apartments and suites in houses are much more common options for student rentals. Before deciding to go this route however make sure to call your insurance provider to discuss the responsibilities and ramifications.

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Is your North Vancouver rental house a boarding home?

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