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  • 10 years ago

Kitsilano apartments for rent attract a wide array of potential tenants. You want to ensure that your home is safeguarded from allowing a bad apple into your basket by hiring a reputable Kitsilano property management company or if you try and do it yourself, learn to spot some of the more obvious warning signs.  There’s no magic formula to deduce if a potential tenant is being deceitful in what they are telling you so you must rely on your instincts, judgement and gut feelings. This is one of the reasons that home owners use property management professionals, to use their years of experience of evaluating renters. For a novice rental home owner you will need to pay particular attention to minor details to pick up any inconsistencies.
 Do the renters claim they are affluent but drive a modest vehicle?
 Are the renters more interested in telling you what great tenants they are versus looking at the home?
 Are the renters overly interested in the electrical panel? It may be a sign that they are planning a grow op.
 Are the renters asking questions about noise being an issue? (yes it likely will be)
 Every renter’s dog is well behaved and low energy when asked. Research the age and breed.
 Does the renters profile seem vastly different from all other applicants?

In the end, most people want their Kits rental condo in good hands and leave it in the hands of a pro.

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