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West Vancouver Property Managers work hard to maintain a good relationship with their owners and tenants, right from the start.
The key to success, is communication and lots of it.

It takes compromise from all parties involved to build a solid dialogue. Often, a potential tenant will view a property and immediately want to rent it. They do everything in their power to secure the premises and then once the lease is signed and they do the official move in inspection, they begin to look at the property with very critical eyes.

When renting a home in West Vancouver, the same tenant will then pick apart the smallest details and demand outrageous changes to the same home they just fought to secure. At times, West Vancouver home owners buy a property simply as a rental home and do not want to invest too much money into it. LIVE IN WEST VANCOUVER! This is generally why the rent may be lower than similar homes in the same area.

This of course, does not include the common sense issues of making certain the property is safe and all the applicable appliances are in proper working order. We are talking more about cosmetic issues. Are there window coverings, if not, do you want to spend the money to buy blinds for an entire house if they are not included?

What about the landscaping?
If it is not included, are you willing to keep the yard maintenance up? All important questions, as you can imagine.

So, taking the time when viewing a property to make sure you truly see everything good and bad is important. West Vancouver home owners and their potential tenants should always be on the same page and asking lots of questions is a key element of realistic expectations.

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